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The dedicated staff at United Architectural Metals is more than glad to help answer any design or technical questions about curtain wall and fabrication capabilities. Some of the more common questions can be viewed below.

Q: I have custom details, can your system accommodate these?

A: The design assist staff at UAM is dedicated to offering our customers and architects the design they envision. If needed, we have full capability of producing new prototypes, dies, and even entire systems. Some samples of custom work in the past include extruded flashings that provided a custom fin-like trim around window openings, custom sunshades and brackets, custom system extrusions, and more.

Q: Do you have/what are your BIM capabilities?

A: The preconstruction group at UAM has complete BIM capabilities. The staff is comprised of multiple personnel, all with a background in architecture and engineering which helps to provide a staff that understands the expectations of a BIM workflow project. Some of the programs at our disposal include Revit, Rhino, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Grasshopper, Inventor and more. We have successfully completed numerous BIM projects which have required fully linked models with trades, in order to run clash detection and ensure accuracy and collaboration throughout the design process.

Q: Do you offer design assist?

A: We encourage design assist projects for a few reasons. The first reason is the availability to gain a full understanding of the project and to be able to provide input on the best design approaches for each condition. Secondly, it ultimately provides a better end product in terms of price and performance due to the continuously improving atmosphere of design assist.

Q: Have you ever participated in an IPD contracted project?

A: We have had full participation in IPD projects. Akron Children’s Hospital, one of the first true IPD projects in Ohio is a prime example. Through the IPD process all aspects of collaboration and participation were mandatory in order to fulfill the rapid pace and collaborative approach outlined for the project. Some unique aspects from the IPD project include emphasis of the entire team mentality, full transparency, team building exercises, full design assist and BIM modeling, lean construction processes, and all-inclusive meetings at all phases of design and construction. In the end, the project finished ahead of schedule and under budget due to the IPD approach.

Q: My project consists of oversized units, is this an issue?

A: We utilize custom, reusable steel bunks to ship our units to the job site. We have the capability to ship units in a vertical or horizontal configuration depending on size and design of the units through one of our chosen carrier services. Upon arrival at the job site, all units are pre-sequenced for easy install and less time spent sorting on site.

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