Project In Progress: Pittsburgh International Airport
Check out the full plans for the Terminal Modernization Program.
Recently Completed Project: URI Fascitelli Center for Adv. Engineering
This five-story building is the new collective hub for URI's College of Engineering.
Recently Completed Project: NJEDA Taxation Building
Taxation's reflective curtainwall joins other state offices near the Delaware River.
Project in Progress: INTRO Cleveland
Cleveland's first, and America's tallest exposed, mass timber structure at nine-stories tall.

In the late 1990s a diverse team of glass and glazing industry members with an intimate knowledge of installation, design and efficiencies laid the groundwork for the company that would become United Architectural Metals (UAM) and began the development and design of unitized curtain wall systems.

The result was a unique mixture of talent that brought together glazing professionals with experienced, licensed architects that were focused on serving the growing industry segment of engineered wall systems. Much of UAM’s success can be traced right back to the dedication its customers receive. Getting involved early in the design process allows both the company and its clients to find solutions that are not only effective for what they want to achieve but often allow them to create visually stunning projects that are completely functional.

While helping the engineered wall systems segment of the industry grow, UAM has grown as well. In 2002 it moved into a 65,000-sq.-ft. facility and has continued to add more space in order to better serve the needs of the client base. In 2004, the company officially took on the name of United Architectural Metals and continued its strong and steady growth, resulting in a quadrupling of its workforce.

Operations at UAM are proudly run according to seven core values:

Innovation: UAM continues to look for ways to provide their material in the most advanced and efficient ways possible.

Accountability and Loyalty: Within UAM the term “design assist” means something; it is a role and responsibility taken very seriously with every project so clients can create truly unique designs.

Determination: The business’s growth comes from their desire to ensure every project gets the attention and focus it deserves.

Confidence and Respect: UAM has lent its design expertise and fabrication abilities on contract glazing projects with values exceeding more than $30 million. They’ve manufactured materials on several LEED certified jobs and have been honored with AIA awards for their work.

Integrity: UAM is also extremely active in the community, supporting many charitable causes through board memberships, time, and donations. In addition UAM is proud to be a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) on a national level.

UAM is one of the most diverse engineered wall and facade suppliers on the market today. With their unique approach to design assist and the focus to be involved in the job from start to finish, UAM has developed a strong and loyal following.

Systems Design

United Systems

Believing that performance and aesthetics of the end product are equally important, the design staff uses advanced techniques such as BIM and CAD software, rapid prototyping, as well as thermal and structural analysis to provide the best possible solutions. The end result is a unitized curtainwall system that meets or exceeds owner expectations and has the potential to be fully integrated into the project from the design phase.

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